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Judge Lisa Neubauer
Judge Lisa Neubauer

The Koch Brothers’ controlled Americans for Prosperity (AFP) have a long term strategy to control the judiciary across the country.  This year’s battleground is the WI Supreme Court, where they are spending big to elect Scott Walker’s former legal counsel.

Although candidates for the WI Supreme Court do not run with a party affiliation, this race pits Democrat-backed Lisa Neubauer against the ultra-conservative Hagedorn.

It is well known that former WI Gov. Scott Walker was a Koch Brothers favorite. According to the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, in 2016 AFP spent at least $3.1 million to keep Walker in the Governor’s mansion.  What is not as widely known is AFP’s nearly decade long effort to control the state Supreme Court.  AFP just dropped over $17,000 to help Brian Hagedorn get elected.  This part of AFP’s national strategy to take over the judiciary.

The stakes are high in this little know race.  In 2018, Democrats swept the statewide races including electing Tony Evers to the governorship.  Dems also won 54% of all votes for state legislative seats.  However, thanks to extreme gerrymandering, Republicans retain a firm hold on both the state house and senate.  If this split government remains in 2020, the WI Supreme Court will likely be asked to weigh in redistricting.  We need to keep this seat in order for the liberal wing to have a chance at a majority in 2020. The courts may be the only way to return some sanity to the Badger State’s district maps

Lisa has served on the Wisconsin Court of Appeals since 2007 and has served as Chief Justice since 2015.  In her words, she is ‘’running because I care about making sure our court is fair, impartial, independent, and upholds the rule of law. Now, more than ever, we need our courts to protect the rights of all Wisconsinites and the fundamental principles of our democracy.”  Over 330 current and former justices have endorsed Lisa as well as 80 sheriffs and district attorneys.  The breadth of her bipartisan support speaks to her reputation as being fair, impartial and independent. 

Hagedorn’s extremism and homophobia has caused even staunchly conservative groups to find him unfit for the court.  According to One Wisconsin Now, Hagedorn tried to use the courts to impose his agenda. While working as legal counsel in the governor’s office, he tried to undermine a Wisconsin law providing basic rights for LGBTQ couples like hospital visitation and inheritance. 

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