Slay the Gerrymander!

Help elect Lisa Neubauer to the WI Supreme Court

Although candidates for the Wisconsin Supreme Court do not run with a party affiliation, this race pits Democrat-backed Lisa Neubauer against ultra-conservative Brian Hagedorn, Scott Walker’s former legal counsel. 

How can you help?

  • Make phone calls! The best voter contact after canvassing
  • Write letters!
    • Vote Forward has just set up a campaign for Lisa.  If you have already have an account at you can get started on your own. If you need help setting up an account, shoot us an email
  • Write postcards!
  • Donate

The stakes are high in this little know race.  In 2018, Democrats swept the statewide races including electing Tony Evers to the governorship.  Dems also won 54% of all votes for state legislative seats.  However, thanks to extreme gerrymandering, Republicans retain a firm hold on both the state house and senate.  If this split government remains in 2020, the WI Supreme Court will likely be asked to weigh in redistricting.  We need to keep this seat in order for the liberal wing to have a chance at a majority in 2020. The courts may be the only way to return some sanity to the Badger State’s district maps

Find some inspiration in this short video.

Lisa has served on the Wisconsin Court of Appeals since 2007 and has served as Chief Justice since 2015.  In her words, she is ‘’running because I care about making sure our court is fair, impartial, independent, and upholds the rule of law. Now, more than ever, we need our courts to protect the rights of all Wisconsinites and the fundamental principles of our democracy.”  Her candidacy is backed by progressive grassroots groups such as Citizen Action Wisconsin. Learn more about Lisa at

Her opponent, on the other hand, has a track record of contempt and hatred in his blog, comparing homosexuality to bestiality and a post entitled ‘why I hate Planned Parenthood’. 

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