Flip a PA State Senate seat from red to blue!

Help elect Pam Iovino!

Map of 37th

Dems only need to win four seats to win the Pennsylvania senate. This seat is an early opportunity to flip a genuine swing district and set up Dems to take over the State Senate in 2020, in time for redistricting.  This formerly Democratic district went for Trump, but has been trending blue since then.  Both Rep. Conor Lamb and Tom Wolf, the Dem governor won this district by double digits.

Pam Iovino is a competent and organized candidate who was born and raised in the district.  She is a former Navy Captain with 23 years of service. After leaving active duty, she served as an Assistant Secretary at the Veterans Administration. She supports voting and elections reforms, including campaign finance transparency, increased ballot box access, and—crucially—ending gerrymandering.

I couldn’t find a lot of info on Pam but here is her website and on FB you can watch her first campaign ad. I will post more info as I find it. https://pamforpa.com

Her opponent, D. Raja, has deep ties to the Republican Party, currently serving as the chairman of the Republican Committee of Allegheny County. He will support Republican policies that have gutted public education funding, resist gun control and take away a woman’s right to choose.